"Where Families Pray and Worship Together - To Stay Together"


1. GOD - New Covenant Family Church first priority is that of creating an environment of Irresistible Praise and Worship, causing His people to enter into an unbreakable love relationship with God. In this type of environment, we encourage people to pursue God with their whole heart and too remain steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord...

2. FAMILY – At New Covenant Family Church, we believe strongly that “Families That Pray and Worship Together – Stay Together”. With that said, God has commanded and commissioned this church to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all families and the unchurched in every nation. Too share with them through effective and uncompromised teaching and preaching, the Word of God.

3. OUTREACH – New Covenant Family Church exist solely to develop outreach ministries that will take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. We believe true service to God outpours from the encouraging of these ministries to create a loving relationship, by and between the people they’ve been sent to serve. The old proverb rings true “You can give with loving but you can’t love without giving of your “Time, Talents and Treasures”. We believe we can best express our love for God by our service unto Him and through our serving those who are less fortunate that us.

4. PRAYER – At New Covenant Family Church, we encourage families to begin an effectual, fervent prayer life, resulting in these same families developing a close and sustaining relationship with God. A relationship, which will mature as they continue to embark upon quality times of, discipleship, study of God’s Word, and worship together.


  • Sunday Morning Family Prayer -(10:00am -10:30am)

  • Sunday Morning Praise and Worship - (10:30am)

  • Wednesday- Christian Leadership Institute-( 6:00 pm)

  • Thursday Evening Bible Study - (6:30pm)

  • Thursday Evening Praise and Worship Rehearsal - (7:45 pm)

  • Friday Night Singles Night - (6:30pm)

  • Saturday Night is “Youth Explosion Night” - (6:30pm)


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814 Main St, Suite C,

Schertz, TX 78154

Phone. (210) 598-9863


New Covenant Family Church

814 Main Street, Suite C

Schertz, TX 78154

(210) 598-9863