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Welcome to the New Covenant Family Church Missions and Outreach Ministry web page. New Covenant Family Church exists to serve the purpose of God for this generation. Here at New Covenant Family Church, we ascribe to the four basic principles of the church:


NCFC’s Mission and Outreach Ministry Purpose Statement

New Covenant Family Church seeks to pursue and fulfill our calling to “go and make disciples.” We seek to practically share God’s love through Christ in the communities of Schertz, San Antonio, New Braunfels, and the Metrocom area. The focus of this ministry is to “SEEK-SAVE- SERVE-SEND.
We believe the mission of the church is to make disciples of all men (see Matthew 28:18-20 KJV). Making disciples means that we must:

SEEK” we must first become righteous through Christ and then evangelize those who do not yet know Christ. As we do this, we expose them to Christ our Savior. We seek to help visitors and newcomers to New Covenant Family Church find an easy transition into a Community Group and discipleship relationships.

SAVE” or bring the unchurched and “Lost Sheep” into a God’s Consciousness (An awareness of God) that they will not be able to deny. Showing them through holy living a way to connect with people of faith, who will treat them with respect, dignity and compassion, within the local church through identifying them with Christ our Savior.

SERVE” – reach and teach those who know Christ to follow and obey God, with each member of New Covenant Family Church seeing this as his/her responsibility and privilege to reach out to neighbors, co-workers, and those we meet, with the gospel of Christ. The “Prayer, Care, Share” strategy will be our model as we challenge and equip New Covenant Family Church to reach out and share Christ. Not only will we continually challenge ourselves, we will equip ourselves with training so that we can effectively share our testimonies and the gospel with this generationand then “Send” them into all nations, beginning with our local a church, within small groups, and as individuals we will purposefully serve our community and help meet the needs of those within it for the glory of God.

SEND” – As people of God, we must do the one thing Jesus commanded us to do “GO”. We must go into our communities. We must go to our jails and prisons and homeless shelters and make contact with the less fortunate among us. We must go and offer them “Hope” in a world void of hope. We must strive to make John 13:35 the very centrist characteristic of our church, flowing into the lives of those who we visit.

What can you do?
There are many ways to be involved with each of these areas. Our purpose is fulfilled as each member of New Covenant Family Church seeks to use their gifts and talents for this great purpose. There’s nothing more fun than reaching out together with the love of Christ.
How can I be a part of this ministry?


Fall Festival - is NCFC’s annual October festival, where we provide a carnival atmosphere for the less fortunate among us, particularly homeless children and those that are in the foster care system. We partner with local, regional and national businesses and use the funds gained to purchase, food, clothing, rides and games for the community in which we serve are fortunate to serve.

Lost Sheep – Our Lost Sheep Ministry is where we send teams of people out into our community to offer food, clothing, and medical support to the homeless, Children of the Night, and to form partnership with local civic, business and religious leader, who in turn agree to help someone who needs a hand up and a hand-out.

The Lost Sheep Ministry also coordinate the annual “Operation Taking It To The Street’ campaign.

Community Group Service Projects – Each NCFC Community Group is encouraged to take part in group service projects in our community. Community Groups will be encouraged to help with the Sam’s Shelter, Haven for Hope, San Antonio Pregnancy Crisis Centers, ministry to widows in Nursing homes and the orphans in Residential Treatment Centers and more.

REACH Ministry - Along with our Community Group Service Projects, we have regular Out-Reach events with the hope of sharing the gospel. These events include our Mission Possible Youth Concerts, Angel Tree Ministry, Military Outreach and Special Speakers. More importantly than these events is the hope that each of us at New Covenant Family Church recognizes the privilege of being Christ’s ambassadors in our work places, neighborhoods, and community events. Who has God put in your life to pray for and REACH out to?


The ‘Great Commission’ is very real to us at New Covenant Family Church. We are passionate about supporting missionaries across our nation and abroad that are boldly carrying the message of the Gospel to communities other than our own and SEEK out those who want to know Christ. We’re committed to not just offering spiritual support, but financial support as well. We will offer these support mechanisms, in the form of the sending out of ministry teams, and unceasing and vigilant prayer for our friends in the mission field. As a Christian church with much more than one function and focus, we consider our missionaries part of our family and fellowship, no matter the distance that separates us. We seek to deposit this very same passion within the youth of our church, who in reality will become the future leaders one day.

The following three (3) E tenets will be utilize to fulfil our mission efforts:

Education - Focuses New Covenant Family Church on how to fulfill God’s mission and opportunities for mission involvement (evangelism training, mission training, mission videos, mission communications in Sunday School, CARE, and more).

Emphases - Focuses New Covenant Family Church on meeting felt needs. These emphasis build credibility in order to share God’s message of love and redemption (Local Food Drives, School Supply Drive, Operation Christmas Child, Backpack Ministry and others).

Endeavors - Focuses New Covenant Family Church on opportunities to get involved personally in missions (local ministry and mission projects, Lost Sheep Ministry’s “Operation Taking It To The Streets”, disaster response opportunities, mission trips, partnerships with churches and missionaries across the world, church planting, and more).

NCFC Missions Partnerships

The New Covenant Family Church Mission Strategy is built on partnerships. Because our mission is making disciples, we believe the best way to accomplish that purpose is to partner with churches (local, national, and global). Where we cannot always be “there” to disciple new believers, these partner churches can and do. Using Acts 1:8 as a grid for this mission strategy we list a variety of projects and partnerships.


NCFC Out-REACH Ministry (REACH) exists to make disciples of all nations (beginning locally and extending globally) by evangelizing, baptizing (connecting believers to a local church) and teaching them to follow Christ.

As a body of believers with an outward focus and an understanding of evangelism, we too believe and invest in local outreach. No less important than sharing the Gospel in distant lands, we believe that the very people on our block should also have an opportunity to encounter God and see His goodness. As a facilitator of new church plants, we will rely on God to reveal to us ways, consistent with His Kingdom, to affect all communities for the better. Our foremost goal is to love the town of Schertz and its surrounding areas of Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe Counties and to invite our local friends to come to know God, and in turn, make Him known.


The standing financial support as articulated in requests for funds by the Mission and Outreach Committee of New Covenant Family Church is as follows: The New Covenant Family Church’s Mission and Outreach Ministry Committee will be responsible for inspiring and educating our assembly about the mission and outreach efforts of our church, and for providing prayer, financial and service support for mission and outreach projects. New Covenant Family Church’s Mission and Outreach Ministry Committee selects missionaries and projects to support, and priority is given to those members and projects that have a connection with and have been approved by the General Council of Elders of the ECCLESSIA. Also considered are those projects which are of special interest or which have a link to our member assemblies.

To help support mission and outreach teams traveling and serving underprivileged communities at Haven for Hope, The Sam’s Shelter, South and East San Antonio, New Braunfels, Nuevo Laredo areas and more, please click on the link below.

Lost Sheep Ministry

Helping Our Homeless And Low/no Income Neighbors In San Antonio, Tx/Bexar County Area

Under The Bridge

Each Wednesday evening, lost sheep ministry reaches approximately 75-125 people under the interstate 35 and interstate 37 bridges in downtown San Antonio. The number of homeless, along with low/no income individuals are growing rapidly in Bexar county, especially with the present economic situation. These locations were chosen because of their close proximity to San Antonio’s homeless service organizations, Haven for Hope, the Sam’s shelter and the homeless neighbors who live outdoors in surrounding areas.


This outreach is accomplished each week by a large team of volunteers. A hot meal is prepared in the SAM's shelter's kitchen, and served at portable dining tables at the Sam’s shelter. In this environment, the homeless people have a unique opportunity to relax, and form relationships with volunteers who are caring and non-judgmental. A take-away bag of food is distributed to those who need additional food for the week.


Homeless neighbors have little options for clothing. When clothes become soiled or wet, they must be discarded. Volunteers distribute gently used clothing each week to anyone who has a need. Also available is clothing for job interviews, and work clothes for temporary employment.


Prayer, a brief Christian message, music and special events are a part of each week. This offers comfort inspiration, and a chance to hear the gospel. Attendance is not required to receive services.

Prayer Table

A table is available for those requesting prayer, Christian literature and bibles. Volunteers are available to counsel with those in crisis, and offer referrals to resources available in San Antonio.

Dental Outreach

With the assistance of a grant, NCFC will purchase a mobile dental trailer and make it available two Wednesday nights each month. Depending on the availability of the volunteer dentist, our volunteers will set the second and third weeks for the homeless under the bridge. The most common service provided is expected to be tooth extractions.

Medical Outreach

With the help of grants, NCFC will make available a medical station with volunteer medical doctors, and nursing students on site to screen for high blood pressure and diabetes. First aid will be administered, and medical volunteers will be alert to any emergency that may arise. Each week builds on forming a trusting relationship with the chronic homeless who do not frequent medical clinics. The goal is to help them establish permanent medical and mental health providers.

Annual Flu Clinic

In its first year, Pastor Morris, in concert with local health professionals, will organize a free flu vaccine clinic for homeless neighbors under the bridge. He hopes to accomplish this by obtaining grants, donations and networking resources from local health institutions and UTSA graduate school of nursing.

Tuberculosis Screening

The Bexar county health department TB program (communicable disease) provides free risk assessment and TB skin testing, to high-risk individuals under the bridge. In partnership with haven for hope, NCFC will offer volunteers to assist with the dispensing of TB tests to the homeless residents at haven.

NCFC Guardian Angels

Each Friday night (Saturday morning) in San Antonio’s old city, NCFC guardian angels volunteers intervene to help young people for whom a “good time” has gone too far. Between 12:00 am. To 3:00 am, volunteers offer a safe place, food, coffee, prayer, and an opportunity to sober up before driving home.

If needed, a call to a friend or family member, or a taxi cab, gets them safely home. In case of emergency, volunteers are alert to call an ambulance, when an overdose of alcohol or drugs is involved. NCFC lost sheep has built relationships with many who frequent down town night clubs. If someone is in trouble, they know where to come for help.


  • Sunday Morning Family Prayer -(10:00am -10:30am)

  • Sunday Morning Praise and Worship - (10:30am)

  • Wednesday- Christian Leadership Institute-( 6:00 pm)

  • Thursday Evening Bible Study - (6:30pm)

  • Thursday Evening Praise and Worship Rehearsal - (7:45 pm)

  • Friday Night Singles Night - (6:30pm)

  • Saturday Night is “Youth Explosion Night” - (6:30pm)


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